The late October's rough weather ravaging Val di Fiemme destroyed over two million trees beyond repair. Among them, rare resonance trunks, a precious kind of wood used for creating musical instruments. The Ciresa firm from Tesero, in the province of Trento, has launched a crowdfunding operation, called “Save Stradivari's wood”, envisaging a temporary money loan, instead of donations.

Two procedures have been suggested:

Violin makers and CIRESA Srl customers may make an advance payment on future purchases, later ordering the products or goods specially cut for their requirements. Ciresa will issue an advance invoice.

Private individuals and friends will receive, against the amount provided, a letter of commitment (private agreement) by Ditta Ciresa, granting repayment of the full amount in 2 to 3 years’ time.

Beside the letter of commitment, anyone subscribing to the crowdfunding will receive a violin-shaped tablet in resonance wood with their name, as a symbol and confirmation of their personal effort to save the “Music wood”.

Saving the trunks is an urgent commitment as the summer heat may lead to deterioration, opening the way to attacks by vermin and mould, and making it impossible to use it for musical instruments.

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