June 30th - July 2nd 2011

Teatro Poliziano, Montepulciano

Symbola - Foundation for Italian Quality, dedicated its summer seminar 2011 to "The Beauty of the Future. Culture, innovation, quality and territories". In the furrow of these guidelines several topics will be discussed during the seminar, wich will take place from June 30th through July 2nd in Montepulciano: "The green economy of the wine", "Experiences and perspectives of renewable energies", "Geographies and strategies of the cultural Italian industry", "Creative Energies", and finally "The mission of Italy".

Among the speakers: Ermete Realacci, Chairman of the Symbola Foundation, Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, Chairman of FAI, Davide Rampello, Chairman of the Triennale di Milano, Matteo Renzi, Mayor of Florence, and a number of personalities from the fields of University, renewable energies, associations for the safeguard of environment and food and wine heritage, public administration. The seminar is organized thanks to the support of numerous sponsors, including the Cologni Foundation.