Milan’s Officine Saffi, a well-known gallery specialising in contemporary authorial ceramic works, presents "A Thing of Beauty. The Heterogeneous Nature of Matter", a collective exhibition of eleven art ceramists, from several different generations, active from the 1950s until now.

Emblematic works of each artist’s poetics come together in an exhibition covering the entire 20th century up to the present: the apparent fragility of ceramics interacts with the solidity of grès porcelain; abstract works find the right connection with minimalistic pieces; charmingly coloured glazes stand side by side with the minimalism of monochromatic creations.

The exhibition aims at emphasising the unaltered connection binding artists to a multifunctional, powerful material like ceramics. Alongside international ceramics masters, two Italian protagonists, Carlo Zauli and Nanni Valentini, are showcasing their works in a dialogue with the sculptures of four Japanese artists.