Until 17 March, on the main floor of Guastalla's Palazzo Ducale, visitors can access the exhibition "Fashion records in Guastalla. 16th-17th-18th centuries and Twentieth century resonance", curated by Doretta Davanzo Poli, textile craft historian and professor at Venice's University.

An evocative path amongst paintings, clothes, fabrics, lace and ancient charts leads visitors to the discovery of trends and fashion in the clothes of the Duchy's aristocracy and clergy between the mid-16th century and the end of the 18th century and how they affected Twentieth-century fashion. Liturgical vestments from Guastalla's Duomo, as well as portraits and documents belonging to the Maldotti Library, are crucial to clarify the economic value of silk in our territories in the 16th century.

Also showcased are Precious lace, featured in the paintings on display and in several Twentieth century clothes.