From September 11th to November 26th 2017, the National Museum of Tokyo will host the exhibition “Wonder Lab”, organized by HEART & Crafts, the National Museum of Tokyo, NHK Promotions and Asahi Shimbun together with the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller and the Institut National des Métiers d'Art of Paris.

Combining 15 selected French art masters, the exhibition, which offers a new look at contemporary creations, wants to match two cultures for which the figure of the artisan master has always been central and of great importance: the French Maître d'Art and the Japanese Living National Treasure.
From paper to ceramic, from feathers to goldsmithing, the exhibition expresses the idea of wonder, charm, pleasure and surprise (Wonder), and refers to research, innovation, experiential nature of knowledge (Lab).

Among the masters: Serge Amoruso, Emmanuel Barrois, Christian Bonnet, Fanny Boucher, Roland Daraspe, Lison De Caunes, Gérard Desquand, Jean Girel, Michel Heurtault, Nathanaël Le Berre, Sylvain Le Guen, Laurent Nogues, François-Xavier Richard , Nelly Saunier, Pietro Seminelli.