On 6-7-8 September, on the occasion of the 22nd edition of “Open Doors”, the town of Nove, in the province of Vicenza, is alive with events, exhibitions, performances and meetings: three days to discover the secrets of the land and the magic of an ancient art like ceramics.

On this occasion, Nove’s historical manufacturers and craft workshops open their doors to visitors eager to discover the secrets of firings, watch clay processing, explore materials and enjoy the craftsmen’s works. Three days dedicated to exhibitions ranging from authorial ceramics to the century-old creativity of Faenza ceramics, from the works of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte to contemporary experimental studies, as well as workshops, conferences and laboratories.

Furthermore, the important signature of the Carta Internazionale dell'Artigianato Artistico (International Charter of Artistic Crafts) by Nove’s Municipality and Civic Museum, and by Istituto raro Castelli-De Sanctis and Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, added a further glow to the wide range of initiatives held together by the common thread of clay modelled by the creativity of master artisans.