The second edition of "YouNique. Artigianalità d'Eccellenza", (YouNique. Excellence Craftsmanship) the artistic craftsmanship exhibition market hosted by the evocative halls of Villa Ciani, the 18th century mansion facing Lago Ceresio in Lugano, is about to start.

The event aims at celebrating the "fatto ad arte", handmade manufactured articles where creativity enters into a dialogue with savoir faire, relying on ancient traditional techniques which are now reinterpreted in contemporary innovative forms.

Villa Ciani will host masters of luxury who will talk about their passion: an ideal journey across Italy, made of men and women, stories and talent. Among the artisans attending the event, Caterina Crepax (paper), Travisanutto (mosaic), Saskia Wittmer (footwear), Pietro Virzi (decoration), Rose Barni (floriculture) and Piero Signoretto (glassware) were awarded the MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere Prize, biennially granted by Fondazione Cologni to the great artists of Italian excellence. On the second floor, the Villa will also host an exhibition curated by Elena Agosti: "L'Artigian Ingegno. Leonardo tra acqua e terra in Friuli", (L'Artigian Ingegno. Leonardo between water and land in Friuli) an epitome celebrating Leonardo’s genius both as an artist and as a craftsman.